We make finding quality products easy

Wedge Community Co-ops is driven by a vision of a more sustainable and equitable food system. This means that we evaluate all of the environmental, agricultural, health, and social justice challenges that surround our food system—and we identify and curate the best, most sustainable, and most inclusive selection of items available to us.

Our staff reviews each product we put on our shelves, ensuring they meet our quality standards.

We prioritize you and our environment

Our standards apply to everything from a new, local hot sauce or chocolate bar to the grass-fed beef we sell in our Meat & Seafood Department. We prioritize products that meet the following criteria:

Organic Non-GMO
Locally grown or produced Produced or distributed by cooperatively owned vendors
Produced using sustainable agriculture Free of anything artificial
Humanely raised animal products, and free from growth hormones and antibiotics Not tested on animals
Meet the unique needs of our community No hydrogenated oils and trans fats

Our department experts know quality

What we prioritize goes beyond the basics. Our department experts also curate products that meet the highest standards based on category specific criteria.

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We emphasize direct buying relationships with local farms and vendors that do not rely on synthetic chemicals or petroleum-based pesticides. When possible, our products are in-season and a fair market price.

Prepared Food

Our prepared foods are made from scratch in house with the same quality and sourcing standards we apply to everything else. We also strive to provide packaging that is recyclable or compostable.


We support small farmers who are dedicated to animal husbandry practices that prioritize the health of animals and respect for the environment. Meat we sell is free of added growth hormones and antibiotics.


We follow the recommendations of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, with an emphasis on seafood caught or farmed in ways that cause little or no harm to other wildlife or the environment.


Our grocery department sources sustainable food and household items made by socially conscious producers. We stock everything your family needs, with a wide array of products to fit specific dietary needs.

Health & wellness

We are committed to providing supplements that are thoroughly evaluated for potency, safety and efficacy, as well as natural body care products. We prioritize Certified Organic ingredients, locally produced products, Certified Fair Trade products, products from small, family-owned or fellow cooperative businesses, products that do not test on animals, and those who are compliant with FDA regulations and quality standards via third party certification.