Change Matters

Co-op is community. Our Change Matters program seeks to exemplify our mission, generating and donating thousands of dollars to local nonprofit organizations.

For more than 40 years, Change Matters has partnered with organizations doing remarkable things—from building community gardens and feeding families in need, to bringing fresh, local produce into local classrooms.

Our commitment supports our greater mission of rebuilding and investing in our neighborhoods, addressing the hunger crisis, and uplifting communities that deserve support—particularly Black, Indigenous, Immigrant, Refugee, and other communities of color.

Our April 2024 Partner

Midwest Food Connection is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that inspires young people to deepen their relationship with food in ways that benefit their bodies, their communities, and the earth. Through classroom lessons, Midwest Food Connection introduces new foods, prepares recipes, and encourages cultural connections and stories.

Our Impact


average monthly impact


raised in 2023


local nonprofits served
in the last 7 years


raised since 2017

2024 Change Matters Recipients

January SACA Food Shelf Baker’s Field Flour & Bread $8,261.17 $1,022.50 $9,283.67
February BIPOC Foodways Nordic Naturals $7,958.72 $2,025.00 $9,983.72
March Neighborhood Roots Maazah Chutney $8,041.57 $71.00 $8,112.57
April Midwest Food Connection Bizzy Cold Brew
May The SEAD Project Jonny Pops and Triple Crown BBQ
June Brightside Produce Sun Leaf Naturals
July Frogtown Farm Botanical Lucidity and Bizzy Cold Brew
August The Good Acre Natural Factors and Jonny Pops
September COPAL Education Fund Bizzy Cold Brew
October Every Meal Nordic Naturals
November Kilimo Minnesota Taking Stock Foods
December Owner’s Vote: Reuse Minnesota, Youth Link, or Legal Rights Center

Interested in becoming a Change Matters recipient?

If you are a local nonprofit organization that shares our vision of a community with equitable access to healthful, local food, we’d love to hear from you.

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