About ownership at The Wedge

How ownership works

Becoming an owner is simple and open to all. Your ownership fees provide capital for Wedge Community Co-ops to grow and thrive.
You can join the co-op as a member for a one-time investment of $80, or for four quarterly installments of $20 each. It takes up to five business days for your application to be processed and become active. You will receive an email when your new owner number and packet are ready to pick-up at the customer service desk.

The owners’ role

We take ownership seriously. When you become an owner of the Wedge, your voice matters—from electing your Board of Directors to making suggestions to improve the Wedge for future generations. We encourage active participation and pride for your local community grocery store.

The Co-op Affordability Project (CAP)

Everyone deserves the opportunity to join a neighborhood co-op. If you are enrolled in WIC, SNAP, SSDI/SSI, Section 8 Housing, Refugee Cash Assistance, Medical Assistance (Medicaid), or Minnesota Care, you are eligible to become a member for an initial investment of just $10. CAP owners receive a 10% everyday discount, applied automatically at the register.
In addition to the 10% daily discount, CAP owners receive quarterly 10% coupons.

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