Board of Directors

Our Board gives you a voice

The Wedge Community Co-ops Board of Directors is elected by owners. They set long- and short-term goals, plan for our future, help manage co-op resources and act as trustees on behalf of you– our owners.

‘For decades, through countless cultural and environmental changes, the co-ops have strived to do right by people, and right by the planet. Our knowledgeable and passionate staff have kept the co-ops fun and safe places to shop. Our strong relationships with farmers and vendors have kept the stores full of quality, trustworthy, local products. And our owners & shoppers have created even more community up and down the aisles of our stores. The Board thanks all of you for your ongoing support. Spending your shopping dollars at the co-ops keeps that money in the community, supports fair wages and benefits for employees, and helps sustain our local food system.’ – The TCCP Board of Directors

Twin Cities Co-op Partners is governed by a Board of Directors elected by Owners. The Board meets regularly and reports on the state of TCCP at the Annual Meeting each autumn.

Election Details: 

Thank you for voting in the 2023 TCCP Board of Directors election! Results were pulled at the Annual Owner Meeting on Monday October 9th, 2023. We thank our outgoing Board members for their service, and congratulate our newly elected members- Bao Vang, Jobin Kadapurath, and Mark Greene.

Final Votes

Bao Vang 351

Jobin Kadapurath 265

Mark Greene | Incumbent 260

Tom Pierson | Incumbent 231

Alan Turkus 187

Colleen Toomey 180

Board Role and Duties

The Board of Directors has three primary duties:

  • To ensure sound management of the co-op
  • To act as trustees on behalf of the ownership
  • To set long-range goals and plan for the future

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Board of Directors focuses on four key areas:

  • Hiring and evaluating the CEO
  • Financial oversight
  • Long-range strategic planning
  • Recruitment of replacement directors

Directors act in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Board also oversees elections and recommends updates to the Articles and Bylaws, the legal documents that define and guide the co-op.

Directors must look after the best interests of the co-op as a whole in a changing business environment. That means that policies and practices at the co-op may change over time.

Owners are welcome to attend the board meetings. If you want to contact the co-op’s Board of Directors, please use the contact us form and be sure to select the appropriate category.

Board Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the board to set long-term goals and ensure planning for the future, ensure sound management of co-op resources, and act as trustees on behalf of the owners.

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Board of Directors must focus on these key areas:

  • Hiring, supervising and evaluating the co-op’s CEO.
  • Planning for the co-op’s future and approving management’s plans
  • Approving capital and operating budgets
  • Recruiting new directors to ensure a well-qualified board
  • Making decisions about the mechanics of the co-op’s governance system, development of policies and guidelines and other related matters, (Note: The board does NOT make operating decisions for the store, choose products or supervise staff other than the CEO).

Expectations of Board Members:

  • Understand and promote the mission of the Twin Cities Co-op Partners
  • Understand the role of the Board of Directors
  • Act in the interests of the all owners, not a specific constituency
  • Attend meetings faithfully and serve on committees effectively (10-20 hours/month time commitment, depending on committee assignments and intensity of board work which may vary over time)
  • Assess their own performance as board directors
  • Act in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Assure continuity of the highest quality in board directorship

Current Board

President: Sarita Parikh
Vice President: Lisa Fittipaldi
Treasurer: Yoshi Suzuki-Lambrecht
Secretary: Mark Greene
Directors: Steve Share, Emily Anderson, Christine Page, Bao Vang, and Jobin Kadapurath

Learn more about our current board and read bios HERE

Board Meetings

Board meetings are the 4th Monday of each month, and typically begin at 5:30 pm.  Owners are welcome and encouraged to attend regularly scheduled Board meetings (virtual or in-person).  Please email or call 612-871-3993 x1817 to RSVP.  Owners who would like to contact the Board or inquire about making a presentation to the Board should email with their request

Owner Attendance & Presentations at Board of Directors Meetings

Approved regular session Board meeting minutes are available to owners upon request.

Become a Candidate

The Board is seeking candidates to help shape the future of Twin Cities Co-op Partners.

Co-op owners with a passion for the co-op and its mission and who have a commitment to Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion are encouraged to apply.

The board strives to support TCCP’s pursuits of delivering profitability and re-investment in the business, planning strategically for the future, and creating a positive experience for everyone we serve: owners, employees, farmers, makers, and the community.

We need YOUR skills and experience in strategic thinking, managing business growth, and community engagement as we continue developing a strong, local food system.

To apply, complete and submit an application at by June 15. For more information about the joining the Board of Directors, see Board Responsibilities and Candidate Selection Criteria.


Openings: 3 open seats

Term: 3 years, beginning with the first board meeting following the October Annual Meeting.

The position requires an average commitment of 10–20 hours per month and offers a stipend of $7,670 per year.

People from all backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be owners in good standing at the Wedge and Linden Hills Co-op. Current board members or employees of another Minnesota grocery co-op will not be considered. 

Twin Cities Co-op Partners has an ongoing commitment to the principles and practices of diversity and inclusiveness. Our employment practices are in accordance with the laws that prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, disability, age, marital status, familial status, veteran status, citizenship, pregnancy, membership or activity in a local human rights commission, status with regard to public assistance, or any other status category by applicable law. 

May 1- June 15: Board candidate applications accepted

June 15-July 15: Candidate interviews

August 1: Candidate slate announced

September 1: Voting opens

Annual Meeting in October: Election results announced

Board of Directors Candidate Application

Candidate Selection Criteria

Reasons to Consider Running for the Board of Directors: 
  • You want to contribute to your community 
  • You want to elevate the TCCP community to be more inclusive and equitable. 
  • You want to give something back to your favorite co-op 
  • You have talent and energy to share 
  • You want to be actively involved in a representative democracy 
Criteria Considered by the Nominations Committee for Board Candidates: 
  • Active owner of record in good standing (may be verified with Customer Service) 
  • Completed application and resume submitted prior to deadline 
  • Ability to perform the responsibilities and expectations of board director 
  • Commitment to the Code of Ethics and Conduct adopted by the TCCP Board of Directors 
  • Ability to work with diverse cultures and people from different backgrounds. 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Leadership qualities (listed below) 
  • Understanding of the role of the Board of Directors 
  • Ability to readily understand financial issues and read financial statements such as balance sheets 
  • Previous board, committee or other group experience 
Desirable Candidate Leadership Qualities: 

The Board of Directors needs people with commitment to the entire ownership of the co-op, not just specific issues. If you possess the following leadership characteristics, or a good number of them, please consider applying. 

  • Able to share a vision, a purpose, an ideal 
  • Empowers others and delegates authority 
  • Respects diversity of thought 
  • Displays candor and has the courage to challenge respectfully 
  • Understands balance between bottom line and larger organizational purpose 
  • Able to maintain confidentiality when required 
  • Able to work on a team 
  • Able to put the interests of the whole body above the interests of a few 
  • Able to think long term and see the big picture without getting bogged down in details 
  • An understanding of finance, retail or wholesale distribution 
  • Experience with growth management of organizations.  
  • Understanding of the cooperative development business structure 

Term: 3 years, beginning with the first board meeting following the October annual meeting 

Compensation: $7,670 per year, paid monthly (more for officers)